Is Patience or Decisiveness the Better Virtue?

How to Start Making More Optimal Decisions in your Personal and Professional Life

Hunter Hess

At some point, we’ve all experienced buyer’s remorse. We made a decision in the heat of the moment to purchase something, whether it was a candy bar at the cash register or a Black Friday doorbuster on one of the season’s must-have items, and after the purchase, we deeply regretted it. If you would have held off on the candy bar, you might would’ve been more satisfied with a healthier alternative for a snack. If you didn’t purchase the “must-have doorbuster,” you would have had more money to put towards something that you really wanted, instead of something that was a “good deal.”

We’ve also all been on the other end of the spectrum, where we let a good deal on something we really wanted go away, whether it was because of the timing, waiting for a “better deal,” or just not realizing the uniqueness of the opportunity. Regardless of the reason, we “missed out,” which resulted in us feeling dejected and unhappy with our decision. Thus, a “fear of missing out” (FOMO) has been instilled in many of us, and we become more decisive because of it.

So, when looking at those two situations, we realize that neither is optimal...


The Importance of Living Efficiently

How You Can Make More Time To Honor Your Commitments and Accomplish Your Dreams

Hunter Hess
Time is the most valuable entity you have. It is a unit in which we don’t fully know the limit of, and it’s an entity that you can’t obtain more of. Yet even though it is so valuable and scarce, most of us don’t consider our own time as being “of the essence” as we should. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t spend time doing things we enjoy, such as talking freely with our coworkers, socializing with our friends and family, or spending time to relax. In fact, these things are all positive behaviors that help us perform better during our periods of concentration as long as we don’t overindulge and permit these activities to take over our lives. But I am saying that there is a lot that we can do to reduce nuisances and wasted time in our lives, especially in the business world...

5 Minutes of Relaxation

The Key to Staying On Top of Your To-Do List And Maintaining Sound Health

Hunter Hess

Let’s face it – we’re all busy. Whether you are a full-time student or work a full-time job, we all know that the work doesn’t end when you leave your job or when you leave the classroom. For students, it is certain that homework and studying will require effort outside of the classroom, but even for working adults, many of us have responsibilities at work that extend beyond the time we leave the office.

Regardless of your situation, most of us have plenty of responsibilities in addition to our work or school life. While some attend school and work a full-time job, many of us have a side-hustle, a family, and civic responsibilities, and these often make it very difficult just to get through the day. Personally, there have been times in which I’ve felt as if I couldn’t take on one more task, and at those times, I was usually given 2 or 3 extra tasks by the end of the day, if not more...

The 3 Keys to Startup Success

From dorm-room to mega-scale, here's how to succeed in competitions, pitches, and the market

Hunter Hess

If you ask just about anyone about starting a business, they will tell you that most startups fail. Research has shown that startups have over a 50% chance of failure in the first 5 years, which makes it a very daunting challenge for business newcomers to begin their own venture, especially if the business requires a large amount of upfront capital to begin.

On the other hand, it does not take long to find stories of many startups evolving into multimillion (and billion) dollar businesses, which creates an allure that is nearly impossible for budding entrepreneurs to pass up. This is why the risk of becoming an entrepreneur is worth taking - the potential payout for getting past the high odds of failure is high, and for that reason, we see budding entrepreneurs start new businesses every day. As the saying goes, high risk leads to the potential for high rewards...